If ordering pasta in a pizza place conjures images of wan baked ziti and past-its-prime lasagna languishing in metal sheet pans then you don’t know Volturno – and you certainly haven’t sat down with the restaurant’s chef and sous chef, Nick Geraci and Tim Russo. In the Volturno kitchen to the right of the wood […]

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Volturno Pizza, Worcester, MA Volturno Pizza Volturno offers up authentic Neapolitan style pizza. The owner, Greg Califano, is not only certified to make such pizza, but prides himself in the procedure and flavor involved in doing so. Now before you scoff and say, “Certified in making pizza? That’s like saying you’re certified in rollerblading or […]

3 Feb

Chronicle: What’s Cooking: Volturno Pizza / Neapolitan Pizza in Worcester /


Are you please with your char and chew? Do you know when to turn? Are you confused? You haven’t been to Italy to learn the fine art of making pizza, apparently. Greg Califano has. He set out to learn from the masters, embarking on the rigorous old world training to be certified as an authentic […]


View our Phantom Gourmet Review! At a gorgeous new restaurant named Volturno, owner Greg Califano is bringing authentic Neapolitan pizza to Worcester. In fact, Greg has such passion for pizza, he actually traveled to Italy and trained to be a certified pizzaiolo, crafting pies in accordance to the strict guidelines set forth by the Italian […]

19 Nov

Is that Neapolitan pizza – in Worcester? / Volturno Pizza, Worcester /


“Is that Neapolitan pizza – in Worcester?” I asked a friend via Instagram when I saw a telltale blistered pie pop up in his feed. “You’re missing out by living in CT!” he responded.” “Dude, we own Neapolitan style here in Connecticut,” I retorted. I fully subscribe to Sam Sifton’s “pizza cognition theory,” where the […]


WORCESTER — It’s noon and the heat from one of the pizza ovens at Volturno in Worcester still radiates from afar. The oven hasn’t burned any wood since last night, but it’s still warm enough that it can be felt from the other side of the pizza making station. These are specially crafted pizza ovens […]

21 Jul

Volturno Pizza Napoletana: Always fresh / Always Fresh: From Farm to Ocean /


A bit about Volturno Pizza Napoletana: Traditional Neapolitan pizza restaurant with 900 degree wood fired ovens. Serving locally sourced and sustainable food from farm to ocean. All pasta and entrees are from scratch and made in house daily. —Cornelius Rogers, Executive Chef Read more about it on: farmfresh.org!