Go West: Worcester Has Become a Goldmine of Good Eats

Volturno Pizza Napoletana (pictured above) respects the hyper-meticulous guidelines of traditional Neapolitan pizza, from the 900-degree wood-burning oven to the certified pizzioli making them. Although the kitchen also churns out sandwiches, salads and a decent pan-seared ribeye, this spot is all about the ‘za. Sure, you can find the classics here, but the head-turners are where it’s at: The cavoletti (Italian for Brussels sprouts) uses maple to bring out the smokiness of pancetta, and the capocolla uses a drizzle of hazelnut-infused honey to tame the spicy pork shoulder and chili paste. But the standout at Voltorno is easily the pistachio pie, which uses a base of pistachio pesto to pair with fennel sausage and a blanket of mozz. Every pie comes dotted with the char of the crazy-hot oven, and the chewy, soft, almost pillowy crust. These are not crispy flatbread crusts — be ready to cradle your slices, which often go limp near the center.


Read more about it on: http://cravingboston.wgbh.org/

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