5 Restaurants with Historical Names on Fox News

Volturno Pizza, Worcester, MA

Volturno Pizza

Volturno offers up authentic Neapolitan style pizza. The owner, Greg Califano, is not only certified to make such pizza, but prides himself in the procedure and flavor involved in doing so. Now before you scoff and say, “Certified in making pizza? That’s like saying you’re certified in rollerblading or cat burials!” you should know that there are official guidelines for making Pizza Napoletana set out by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana. The pizzas must be light on sauce, have light flaky crusts made of wheat flour, and it would be preferred if the tomatoes used are grown at Mount Vesuvius. The dough must be kneaded by hand, should be not more than three millimeters thick, and cooked in a stone oven over a wood fire. If you fail to meet these requirements, well, then you might as well hand over your pepperoni badge, good sir, and just call your shack of a restaurant Pizza Hut.

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